Girl…Lemme look in your Louis

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So with graduation fast approaching (not really it is in 236 days) I treated myself to an early graduation present. I shop consignment for all of my designer items (because why not) and my favorite consignment shop in Buckhead had a Louis Vuitton bag that unfortunately had my name on it. I splurged a teeeeeeny bit and took the bag home with me and I have been carrying it every day ever since. It is honestly a great bag and holds a ton of stuff, which is great because I use it as my every day bag for school and work, but it gets so HEAVY when you put a few things in…or it could just be me and I over load my purse with nonsense.

I have seen this “What’s In my Bag” video going around on YouTube for a very long time and I thought….Hey why not! So here is exactly what I carry around on a semi-daily basis! I am not in class today so all of my school books and binder is at home.

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  • Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM in Damier Ebene Canvas
    • So this is the bad boy that I snagged at Labels Consignment in Buckhead. It is beautiful and wonderful and I love it. The only downside is that it gets super heavy rather easily so you have to make sure you don’t over stuff it!



  • Lilly Pulitzer Scuba To Cuba Weekly List Pad
    • I always used to make fun of my mother growing up for constantly yelling at us saying “If it’s not on the calendar, it doesn’t happen”…boy  was she right. Ever since I started getting higher up in my college courses, plus working two jobs, plus being in a sorority…if it is not on my calendar it is not happening. This is just a cute little week at a glance planner that I got for my desk from Swoozie’s in Atlanta for $10. I keep it in my purse mainly because it’s easy to just look at my month a week at a time so I can avoid feeling overwhelmed or like I am drowning with stuff to do. I live a busy life, but to be honest, I love every minute of it!


  • Kate Spade Pencil it In 12 month Agenda
    • Yes, I am the crazy planner lady who carries two calendars in her purse. Not to mention the calendar I also have on my cell phone…When I purchased this bag, I was using my a Lilly Pulitzer agenda that was the size of a Guiness World Record’s book that was given to me as a gift. It was just really bulky and taking up space, so I opted to downsize. I bought this agenda at Swoozies in Atlanta as well, and since I bought this agenda back in February, I got it for 50% off (dolla makes me holla). I just like having my schedule written down so I can see it and cross something off of my list. It is definitely a feeling of accomplishment when I get to cross an assignment or a to-list off. A lot more satisfying than deleting an event off your phone calendar.


  • Bag O’ Chargers
    • This bag I got from an Ulta free gift with purchase a few months back and I snagged it to hold my chargers when I went to NYC and it has stayed in my purse. I am constantly on my phone, whether it is for nannying, school, work, blogging…constantly on it and my phone is constantly dying. In this bag I have an iPhone 6 charger for my cell phone, an iPhone 4 charger for my iPad, a cube to plug the chargers into the wall, my Mophie phone case charger, my Apple watch and it’s charger. This has saved me SO many times in the past few weeks!


  • Louis Pouchette
    • So this little bag came inside of the bag and it has now turned into my makeup bag on the go. To be honest, I never thought I would be that person that would have one of these in her purse…surprise! So on a day-to-day basis, I wear little to makeup at all, but I do like to keep somethings in my purse so I can either touch up, add some color to my face, or just make sure my lips don’t dry out. I have also started to care more about my lips because I am wearing a lot more lipstick than I used to, so I definitely keep a lot of lip products with me to just put on during the day!
      • Jo Malone fragrance testers
      • Nivea Kiss of Smoothness
      • Burts Bees Vitamin E + Peppermint Lip Balm
      • Nars Lip Gloss in Annees Folles
      • Nars Audacious Mascara
      • Nars Multiple in Luxor
      • Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Face Mist and Facial Cleanser (travel size)
      • Dior Lip Glow in 001 Pink (OMG MY NEW FAVE)
      • L’Oreal Manga Voluminous mascara
      • Too Faced lipstick in Shimmering Marshmallow Bunny
      • Advil
      • Vyvanse (I left this out for personal reasons)


  • Random Draw…
    • So these are random items that I keep in my purse that I do not have a place for. The bag only has one pouch so many times these are just kind of floating around in the bottom of the bag.
      • Old Spice Deodorant in Denali..I am a busy woman and lets be honest, we have all had moments when we are leaving the house and forget deodorant. (Or it could just be me) I like men’s deodorant because it is cheaper and doesn’t smell like cheap rose fragrance.
      • Pens and pencils..I am constantly taking notes/changing dates/making lists/needing a pen or pencil. I keep about six of them in my bag. They are definitely a major key
      • dad gave this to me and I am going to the Apple store to try and get it working again so that I can keep it in my car to play music. So currently I am carrying around a dead iPod in my bag.
      • Sephora VIB Rouge mirror…free mirror that I got for sharing a membership with my Nana at Sephora. I didn’t realize how much I really used a mirror until I got one.
      • Car keys…I feel like this is a given?
      • Hand Sanitizer from Bath and Body Works…I hate washing my hands in public restrooms and the soap they use always dries my hands out so I keep hand sanitizer in my purse so that I can always keep my hands clean.
      • Bath and Body Works lotion in Agave Papaya Sunset…My skin has been super dry this past winter and so I have just started carrying more lotion with me to use constantly during the day
      • First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Intense Hydration…really dry skin so I keep lotion with me at all times.


  • EOS hand lotion…more lotion because I am excessive and feel like there is a need for three bottles of lotion in my purse.
  • Bag of Business Cards…I need to be more professional and find a better way to store my business cards but for right now they are inside of a sandwich plastic bag lolz
  • Plastic Spoon…I’m a nanny, I have no reason or explanation why
  • Five Gum..because my vyvanse gives me dry mouth and so I keep this in here for when my breath is not exactly ideal.
  • Hand Sanitizer…once again, I’m a nanny and I like clean hands
  • Brochures…as a history major I have had to complete some field trips and these were two sites that I have attended. I just have yet to throw these out or take them out of my bag.
  • Panhellenic Pin…a button that I got for Panhellenic pride week to support inter-sorority relations


I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this and I would L O V E to know some of the ways in which you ladies organize your bag!


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