To Z Pallete or Not…that is the question

So I am a makeup junkie (I’ve accepted it) and I have realized over the last year ways to not only save some money, but found ways to completely customize your collection.

Enter in the Z Palette.

For those of you who do not know what a Z Palette is, it is a magnetic palette that allows you to custom create your own palette. You have the ability to purchase products that come in a pan, so all you would have to do is just pop it into the palette. There are also some brands that you can ‘de-pot’ and add a magnetic strip to the bottom of the new pan to put into your palette. This allows you to make space in your makeup drawer, keep your favorite brands/colors together, easy for travel, and lets you be the designer of your own makeup collection.

My thoughts? DEFINITELY Z PALETTE! I have so many palettes that are bulky and take up room in my makeup storage drawers and have no way for me to ‘de-pot’ them without breaking the product. I also love the idea of being able to custom create something that I love and fits my needs. Many makeup companies now are selling their products by the pan because it saves them money on packaging, which helps keep costs low. Some companies that sell by the pan are Mac, Anastasia of Beverly Hills, Makeup Geek, Karity Cosmetics, Morphe Brushes (just to name a few).

Since I LOVE my Z Palettes, I thought I would not only post photos of them, but also include a list of the products for you guys!

I have four palettes, and they all have their own ‘identity’. I have an XL palette, two Large palettes, and one small palette. Inside, I have customized them to fit my own needs. Also, please keep in mind that all of the products I am mentioning, I have purchased on my own with my own money. The shadows and the palettes. Oh and one more thing…the palettes have three different brands so I will be using colors to distinguish the brand. Morphe Brushes will be in mauve, Makeup Geek Cosmetics will be in pink, and Karity Cosmetics will be in light blue!


I thought I might as well start off with the largest one that I own. This is the XL Z Palette and it can fit 35 pans in total ( I am obviously missing a few). This palette I found on Amazon.Com, unfortunately I did not find many cute designs but I needed a larger palette so I went with the black! (You can never go wrong with black) I call this palette my smokey palette, mainly because it does hold all of the shadows I would use for a smokey eye. Here are the colors from left to right starting from the first row.

  1. Row 1: Barcelona Beach, Barcelona Beach, Birthday Suit, Cocoa Bear, Mysterious, Dazzling, Spice
  2. Row 2: Mocha, Nuts for You, Toasted Hazelnut, Marbleized, Homecoming, Hustler, Granite
  3. Row 3: Bada Bing, Prom Night, Prom Night, GravitySensuous, Blackberry
  4. Row 4: Bombita, Drama QueenJinx, Naughty Girl, Dark Night, Corrupt


This next palette is my ‘life palette’ or what I like to use just for every day colors! This is the large Z Palette and this one holds 27 shadows, the last row you need to window them to fit the palette. I also purchased this palette off of Amazon.Com. I did not realize how much I loved purple toned eye shadows until I started organizing my palettes! Same thing as I did above, I will be color coding my shadows based upon their brands! Morphe Brushes will be in mauve, Makeup Geek Cosmetics will be in pink, and Karity Cosmetics will be in light blue!

  1. Row 1: Voltage, Sorbet, Shimma Shimma, Confection, Pink Silk, Crystal, Beaches and Cream
  2. Row 2: Peach Smoothie, Creme Brulee, Glamorous, Glow For Me, Unexpected, Simply Marlena, Lexis
  3. Row 3: Carnival, WisteriaLilac, Masquerade (Foiled), Daydreamer (Foiled), Pixie Dust, Brick 


Last, and obviously not least, this is what I like to call my FUN Palette! Fun is in all caps because these bright colors make me happy and you have to be happy when using fun colors! This is a small Z Palette, and it is great for traveling or if you like to fix your makeup at work you could custom create a six pan shadow palette for on-the-go! (I have tested this palette out, and it can fit two blush pans if you were to use this as a contour palette) Just like all of my Z Palettes, I purchased this off of Amazon.Com and I will also be using colors to let you know what brands are which! Morphe Brushes will be in mauve, Makeup Geek Cosmetics will be in pink, and Karity Cosmetics will be in light blue

  1. Row 1: Shore Thing, Dragon Fly, Fantasy (Foiled)
  2. Row 2: Mermaid (Foiled)Amoeba, Neptune
  3. Row 3: Shameless,  Poppy, Spring Break


I personally love Z Palettes because I can mix and match to create a custom palette that I love. There are so many companies now that are selling pans of their eyeshadows at an affordable price. I would definitely recommend investing in a Z Palette and creating your own!


Let me know if you guys are interested in me possibly doing a brand review on Makeup Geek, Morphe Brushes, and Karity Cosmetics!


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