Ok guys, so if you own makeup brushes, everyone HATES the task of having to wash their brushes. I honestly dread that task and I’ve put it off for WAYYYY too long. Between the dawn dish soap, coconut oil, water, it’s just a mess. 

I got a $25 Amazon gift card for Christmas from family and I had heard about this product from beauty gurus called Cinema Secrets. All I heard was how fast it cleaned your brushes and it was a MUST HAVE. So I committed. I bought the large bottle for $34 (only because I had the gift card) and I am now hooked.  

This was how many brushes I had to clean and how many brushes I put off cleaning because the way I had been doing it was a NIGHTMARE. Well after using Cinema Secrets, honestly I will definitely be cleaning them regularly! 

  This is my Morphe M439 foundation brush that I had not cleaned in a while (please spare the lecture. I know it’s no sanitary)  
 After I dipped it into the solution, I used a CLEAN Viva paper towel to get the product out of the  brush. This is the after math.  

 And now I have a beautifully clean foundation brush. It dried really quickly and took maybe 2 minutes.  

   Here is another Morphe eyeshadow brush that I cleaned and took maybe 1 minute. 
Here are the downsides that I personally experienced: 

  • I used a lot of papertowels ( I have an un-Godly amount of brushes so that’s why. I also waited to was ALL my brushes at one time. 100% my fault)
  • There is an overwhelming vanilla smell (I have a sensitive nose. I let the brushes sit out over night and it was fine. 100% my fault)
  • Do this on a hard surface and don’t use a white towel underneath (I was the idiot that did it on my bed. 100% my fault lol)

Will I repurchase? YES X1000000


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