To Contour or Not to Contour….And What The Heck Do I Use?

So it seems like contouring and highlighting has been the IT thing to do, mainly because Kim Kardashian finally spilled the beans on how her face literally looks flawless on a regular basis. I mean she is Kim K….She is flawless…All the time. For those who are not sure what exactly highlighting and contouring is, it is using makeup in a way that manipulates your face shape and allows your face to appear more ‘sculpted’. In ‘Big Bird Words’…if you want to loose 5lbs in your face or look even hotter than you already are, highlighting and contouring is your BFF. By using a lighter shade on the areas of your face you want to emphasize, and a darker color on the areas you want to minimize, you are able to sculpt your face just the way you want!

I absolutely LOVE contouring and highlighting my face whenever I put makeup on, mainly because I have finally found what looks best for my face shape and have found ways to vary the contour for work as well as when I go out. Honestly, if contouring and highlighting is not something your interested in…you do you girl!

And since Kim K spilled the beans, everyone wanted to find out the perfect way to contour and highlight, so naturally makeup companies started pumping out contour/highlight palettes and shades, even went as far as creating specific brushes for the “perfect contour and highlight”. When I started getting into this new way of doing my makeup, I literally had no clue what to buy because it is honestly so overwhelming. When I went into Sephora/CVS/Walmart/Pretty much ANYWHERE that sold makeup, I saw so many palettes and contour shades and highlighting shades…and it continued into the YouTube gurus that I watched. Every video I would watch when they would contour/highlight, it would be a different palette and brush! I had so many questions like what color contour powder should I use? What kind of undertone does my skin have? What kind of under-eye concealer should I use? Cream contour or powder contour? The list went on and on and on….. So I went on a mission to find what works best for me! Makeup should be fun and a time to try new things so if you find a product you want to try, make sure you pick the shade that works best for you!

What I did was go through my makeup collection and find both the higher end and drugstore brand contour powders, under-eye concealers, and brushes for you! I only own powder contour products mainly because I am scared of cream products and also I have never really owned any cream makeup products at all!

High End Contour Powders

  1. Marc Jacobs #instamarc Light Filtering Contour Powder Mirage Filter #40
    1. This powder is a little pricey, but what is nice is it comes with an under-eye brightening powder that you can use to set your under eye concealer as well as brighten up the parts of your face that you chose to highlight. Both of the powders are great and easily buildable, so it is great for a beginner, someone who is heavy handed, or to take you from day into the evening. What I also love is that you do not get ‘cheated’ on the amount of product in your packaging. The size looks a little small online, however, when you walk into a Sephora and check out how much you are getting for your money, it is definitely worth it. They have three different contour and brightening shades to choose from, so you can chose what works best for your face! **MY PERSONAL FAVE**
  2. Too Faced Chocolate Soliel Matte Bronzer in Medium/Deep
    1. This is also another great product for contouring because it is a matte bronzer, and I mean who can go wrong with putting chocolate on your face? I like that this bronzer can be used to bronze up your face and also to contour, but it is not as easy to blend if you choose to use it as a contour. In my experience, I have to use my Real Techniques contour brush to LIGHTLY tap it into my skin and then buff it out using my Kat Von D Shade and Highlight Brush. This is a great bronzer but it is not my go-to, all time fave, #1, I need to scream it from the rooftops contour powder.

Drugstore Powders

  1. bh Cosmetics Forever Nude Sculpt and Glow Kits
    1. This is a great contour kit for someone who is trying out contouring for the first time, mainly because they offer two kits for different skin tones and in those two kits they give you two different contour colors. The kits also come with a blush and two highlight shades. It is also a great ‘bang for your buck’ because it is only $9…which is a S T E A L! I am not too crazy about how chalky the powders are, because you get a good bit of fallout when you tap your brush into them. But this is definitely a great buy for a beginner!
  2. Elf Bronzer and Blush Contour
    1. This is just a great bronzing/blush duo! You can find this at any drugstore or Target and it will run you a whopping $3. Yes I know…$3. This one I found at my local CVS and it is a dead on dupe for Nars Laguna bronzer and Nars Orgasm Blush. It is just a great little set that you can use to bronze up your face and contour at the same time….and I am ALL about some 2 for 1 specials!

High End Contour Brushes

  1. Nars ITA brush
    1. This is a great brush and I was so excited to purchase it and use it but honestly…it really isn’t worth all the hype. I am a HUGE Nars fan so it was more of a novelty item than anything else. If you want a great quality contouring brush then….
  2. Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour Brush
    1. INVEST IN THIS BRUSH! OMG this is HANDS DOWN my go to contour brush. It is a tapered brush, so I use one side to contour and the other side to set my under-concealer. Once again, Kat Von D hits it right out of the park because the contour side is dense enough where you can pack on the right amount of powder, but fluffy enough that it is so simple to blend everything out seamlessly. I can always tell a HUGE difference when I don’t bring this brush with me. The tapered side of the brush is also INCREDIBLE for highlighting and setting my under-eye concealer. **MY FAVORITE BRUSH I OWN**

Drugstore Contour Brushes

  1. Real Techniques Tapered Contour Brush
    1. This brush comes in a set at Ulta, but I am pretty sure that you could find it in stores sold separately. This is a great brush to ‘set your contour’, or to map out where exactly you want to put the contour shades. I usually go in with this brush first to set a guideline of where I want to go in later with my other contour brush to buff everything in. This set at Ulta costs $17, which is also a steal in my opinion because you get four really great face brushes!

2 thoughts on “To Contour or Not to Contour….And What The Heck Do I Use?

    1. OMG of course! I hope these tips helped, this is what worked for me! It took me months of just playing with different brands lol


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