“”I feel like lately makeup shaming has become a thing. It’s as if putting makeup on to have fun is a shame. Therefore, I thought it would be cool to show you the power of makeup” -Nikke Tutorials


I am an AVID YouTube junkie and I watch a lot of the greats, like Jaclyn Hill, Nikkie Tutorials, Desi, Chrisspy, probably for a few hours and I do it on a daily basis. One day I was watching Patrick Starr do a video called “The Power of Makeup” and he had said in the description that he got the idea from Nikkie Tutorials. So naturally after I watched his, I linked over to Nikkie’s. And I was immediately inspired to my own #ThePowerofMakeup look.

I love makeup because it helped me cope with the sudden death of my mother. I love makeup because I am able to unplug from the world and become whoever I want to be. I love makeup because I am able to accentuate the part of my body that I love. I love makeup because I have the ability to express ME!

I don’t always contour and highlight my face everyday before I go to class. I don’t always do a full smokey eye and bold red lip when I am going out to grab groceries. I don’t snatch my face to the GAWDS before I go sit in carpool when I nanny.

I am a college student. I roll out of bed and sometimes don’t wake up in time to wash my hair in the morning (sorry Nana). I sometimes forget to wash my face in the morning. Sometimes I wake up late for work and throw on a clean pair of norts and run out the door.

I love my face. I love my freckles on my face. I love my red cheeks. I love the way my lips look with just chapstick. I love the way I look with makeup and I love the way I look with nothing on.

Makeup does not give me my self-esteem. The makeup I own does not define who I am. I am my own woman. I am intelligent, strong, independent, witty, funny, and kind woman who just happens to LOVE to contour and highlight her face to the GAWDS!

*My self esteem comes from the interior, not the exterior*


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