Try-It-On Tuesday!

So I know some bloggers/YouTubers come up with catchy names to introduce products! So this is my attempt at coming up with a cutesy headline! (PS if you have a suggestion for a better title…PLS LET ME KNOW!)

So I have decided to dedicate Tuesday’s to try out new products! Every Tuesday, I may not have a new product but I will definitely try to have something! This week I tried out Tracy DiMarco Epstein’s, from Style’s TV show Jerseylicious, line of lipsticks called Jersey Doll Lippies from Glamour Dolls Makeup. She has five shades out, Boardwalk, Maneater, Pinky Promise, Trash Tawk, and Skinny Dip. HERE WE GO WITH THE REVIEW AND SWATCHES!!!!

** Here is the Glamour Dolls Link**


I am a sucker for packaging. I am also a sucker for anything leopard print. These lippies are metallic gold with leopard print on them…HOW CUTE! I display my lipsticks on my vanity so I thought these would be a great addition, I wasn’t really looking for lipsticks to actually use. The first two colors I bought were packaged poorly and so I was not too excited about trying these. The other three came in perfect condition so I thought I would give it a go! OMG THE QUALITY!! These lipsticks go on like butter, and are extremely hydrating which is a big deal breaker for me! I have big lips and so I don’t like using a lipstick that dries out my lips. Especially when the seasons are changing and my lips get chapped! In regards to the pigmentation, Maneater and Trash Tawk are more of a buildable color which is great for a purple or red lip! Pinky promise and Skinny Dip are amazing colors and very bright. Boardwalk is an A M A Z I N G nude lip color! Definitely my favorite one out of the five!

Here are the swatches!

Trash Tawk
Trash Tawk
Pinky Promise
Pinky Promise
Skinny Dip
Skinny Dip

Now comes the question…are these worth the Splurge?….. Y E S! These lippies are $4.99 a piece, and what’s nice is you get a coupon to use it the next time you shop online! Glamour Dolls did a really great job of making sure that my order was processed and shipped in less than two weeks from the time I purchased them!


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