So What Exactly IS Lipstick and Norts?

Welcome to Lipstick and Norts!

* Because lipstick and norts go with everything *

If you’re confused as to what Norts are, don’t worry I had no clue until I joined my sorority, they are just Nike Tiempo Running shorts 🙂 Hey guys, thank you for coming and checking out my blog! My name is Anna and I am a super senior at the University of West Georgia ( #GoWest)  I am a self proclaimed makeup addict, and have amassed a small collection that is probably worth a Louis Vuitton handbag or two. (I ain’t mad though) I’m an Insta Junkie as well as a YouTube fan.

I finally conquered my fears of being made fun of (mostly by no one lolz) and I have decided to share with the world my love of makeup and social media! I know that majority of the things our generation reads is straight from the Internet. I also wanted to create a blog where women, of all ages, could come and learn some beauty hacks and tricks, get a daily does of women empowerment, and a blog that is tailored like you are talking to another best friend.

I will have photos of what I wore today, what my makeup looked like and what products I used. I also may have pictures of the things that I’ve recently purchased or what healthy foods I am eating. But the most important things that I will post will be will nuggets of inspiration to get you through your day, and real life stories from a 21 year old college woman navigating her way through life.



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